Coffeeneuring: love to cycle and drink coffee?

Do you love to drink coffee and ride bikes? Join us in the coffeeneuring challenge.  Ride your bike 7 times to 7 coffee shops in 7 weeks.


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Photographer, Archaeologist, Cartographer, Mariner at Ordinary Adventures
Jay Flaming is a professional cartographer, archaeologist, amateur musician, and storyteller. He is a lifelong adventurer and student of the world. Raised in Yellowstone National Park, he developed a deep love for the outdoors and public lands.
His primary expertise is in cartography and analyzing the role of terrain and space on human history. While studying for a Ph.D. at the University of Washington, he conducted research and taught archaeology field schools in Northern Corsica for four years. Jay has also worked extensively in the high Arctic and the American West, and he frequently teaches photography and sailing classes.