Easy Waterfall hikes

With all the snow we had this winter and recent warm temperatures, waterfalls are spectacular right now! Any waterfall, even one right next to the road will be amazing, but here are three that you can walk to that are relatively easy and good for kids too!

Wallace Falls (Highway 2, closest to north end- up to 5.6 miles, 1300 feet of elevation gain)


Wallace Falls State Park features multiple waterfalls, along with a beautiful forest hike along a river. There are multiple waterfalls, so if you are not up for the whole trail, you can enjoy a lovely shorter outing.

Twin Falls (I-90 near North Bend, closest to Central Seattle-2.5 miles round trip, 500 feet of elevation gain)


In addition to a glorious waterfall, Twin Falls has are lots of opportunities to play along the river or on logs along the way!


Silver Falls, Mt Rainier National Park (up to 3 miles, up to 300 feet of elevation gain)


Silver Falls has several trails with more than one distance option and starting point. All the trails go through the forest along the Ohanepecosh River. Even if you’re driving through and only have a few minutes, you can hop down to the falls from Hwy 123 (just south of the Stevens Canyon entrance to the park). There’s a pullout on the west side of the highway. For a 2-3 mile hike, start at the Ohanepecosh campground and do a one way or loop hike.

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Jennie Thwing Flaming, Chief Adventure Officer: Jennie's life has been a continual quest for adventure (of the non-adrenalin inducing kind) from birth till now. Professionally, she pursues adventures in teaching, counseling and working to obliterate institutional racism for students in our region's public schools and also works as a tour and hiking guide. Previous professional adventures include working in schools in Seattle and Alaska, leading tours and managing tour guides and traveling science shows and lessons with Pacific Science Center. She is working to earn a living outside and by sharing her beautiful and unique Pacific Northwest home with visitors. She likes to be outdoors and spend time with the people she loves. Jennie is born and raised in Seattle and has also lived in Alaska and the Netherlands.