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2019 Outdoorsy Women Gift Guide: Pacific Northwest local!

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A woman on cross country skis making an excited, goofy face at the camera. She is wearing a blue headband, a purple jacket and black leggings and boots. She has a fanny pack with a red jacket attached to it.
This is how excited your loved ones will be with a gift that they’ll love that ALSO supports small businesses in the Pacific Northwest!

It’s that time of year, people are starting to think about holiday gifts! Especially holiday gifts on a budget and that the recipient will love, use all the time and think of you often! For that low key (or hardcore) outdoorsy woman in your life, here are 10 gifts you can purchase online from local (one is in Alaska, but that’s kinda local!) small business owners and entrepreneurs. Who knows? You might want to pick up some of these items for yourself as well! Keep in mind that these are all small (in some cases, really tiny) businesses, that require a little more time for processing and shipping, so it’s good to get started early for holiday shopping from these amazing people.

Backcountry Staples: Bellingham, WA

JC, the micropreneur behind Backcountry Staples started making his own adventure ready breakfasts because he was tired of expensive meals that aren’t that great. He has finely tuned his variety of breakfast offerings and they are DELICIOUS. Plant based and gluten free, you can make them in a thermos with just hot water and in a few minutes they are ready. They are thoughtfully designed with a solid mixture of macro nutrients to give you just what you need nutritionally to start your day of hiking (or office work!) off right. I’ve also made them in just a camp mug and they rehydrated fine that way too. you can purchase packages to try them all, or specific flavors. They cost $5.99 per meal or $39.99 for 8 meals. You can even get an awesome starter kit including a thermos, spoon and 8 meals for $79.99. Allow me to specifically recommend the Apricot Ginger Scone and the Chocolate Banana Parfait. YUM.

Kulacloth: Mill Creek, WA

A blue backpack sitting on the ground. It has a number of patches on it and a bag of huckleberries are tied to the outside, along with a kula cloth!
The Kula Cloth is hanging out there underneath the huckleberry pickings!

Now stay with me here, because your life is just about to change forever the first moment you use a Kula Cloth. A Kula is an obsessively designed piece of outdoor gear for anyone who squats to pee that you use instead of toilet paper (for pee only!!!). Perhaps this is TMI, but I’ve always been a drip drier, thinking perhaps I was too good to carry toilet paper around? I dunno, but what I do know is that I was game to try out the Kula and it’s AMAZING. I don’t have words for how great it is (and pretty!). You just pee, wipe on the antimircobial side (while holding the waterproof side) and then clip it to the outside of your pack, then wash at home. You can learn all about how to use it on their website, but trust me, at $20-$22, it is totally worth it to TRY IT.

Eighth Generation: Seattle, WA

Eighth Generation is a Native owned and operated shop in Pike Place Market (with a strong web presence also) that sells gorgeous cultural art. They have incredible high quality wool blankets ($78-$212), jewelry ($12-$42), clothing and my current absolute obsession is their socks ($12.95). If you’re thinking “but they’re just socks” then obviously you haven’t tried these ones yet! They are beautiful, comfy and warm without being hot or thick and just wow. I have the Confluence and the Salish pattern ones. LOVE!

Anchored by Design: Friday Harbor, WA

Anchored by Design features resuable snack bags in a million fun patterns I talked about here. Great for outdoor adventures and also for snacks to take to work or for kids lunches! In addition to the reusable sandwich bags ($8/each) she also has glass straws with reusable sleeves and baby burp cloths. I basically never leave home without some type of snack in one of the several of these reusable bags I own! Truth.

Unlikely Hikers Gear: Portland, OR

Unlikely Hikers is a community dedicated to representing people who are underrepresented in the outdoors. In addition to a fabulous website and instagram feed, Unlikely Hikers has some awesome swag! Unlikely hikers t shirts in sizes up to 6x ($26-$29) in a variety of beautiful colors and styles with fun statements like “my body took me here” and “fat and outdoorsy”. FUN and beautiful! They also have stickers and hats. Check it out and follow on Instagram for regular uplifting and encouraging content for anyone who feels underrepresented outdoors.

Fluffy Girl Creations: Kent, WA

Fluffy Girl Creations, makes AMAZING bath bombs ($5 – perfect for after hikes!!), soaps, deodorant and more from all natural, happy ingredients in beautiful colors and scents like Seattle Rain (how awesome is that?!?). She even has a lotion bar with natural bug repellent and one for bug bites! Perfect for outdoorsy women! She also makes really cool sparkly and colorful waterbottles and tumblers.

Salmon Sisters: Homer, AK

Salmon Sisters is owned and operated by two sisters whose other family business is commercial fishing. Raised in the industry and working in it now, you know that all their products are TOUGH and FUN. There are lots of wonderful gift options on their site at a variety of price points. I personally own and adore the Maris hoodie ($59). It’s so soft and durable, I wear it for hikes in winter and for cooler evenings in the summer. I also have the Octopus print Extratuf rubber boots ($135 – true story, I got these for the holidays a few years ago and they are the most amazing boots ever- Thanks, Mom!). You really can’t go wrong here! They even have their very own gift guide on their website.

Bubble Up Girlz: Burlington, WA

Bubble Up Girlz is a mother/daughter team making up soy candles ($10-$20 depending on size) that smell amazing and are better for you to breath indoors, yay (no yucky toxins)! My personal favorite is Oatmeal, Milk and Honey but they all smell pretty great. They are in mason jars with twist on lids so they travel and mail well too. They have lots of other bath and home products but the soy candles are my favorite. There’s nothing like lighting a candle when you get home from a hike to wind down (they are fun to bring car camping too).

Claire’s Wanderings: Seattle, WA

Claire’s gorgeous watercolor paintings of Pacific Northwest mountain landscapes are impossible for any nature lover and outdoorsy woman (or man) not to love! On her website you can get a print ($13), notecards ($5) and you can even contact her about doing a commissioned piece of art if you are interested in a bigger investment and a truly unique gift (plan far ahead!).

Jay Flaming Photography: Seattle, WA

Look at that! By now you probably know that my husband, Jay, is an amazing photographer! You can get metal or canvas prints of his photos here which feature lots of outdoors and Pacific Northwest themes or contact him if you’d like something specific. He accepts custom orders!

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