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Small Budget Amazon Gifts for Outdoorsy Women 2019

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Are you looking for functional and amazing gifts that aren’t expensive? This list is for you! These are all items I use all the time and absolutely love. All but three of them are under $30 (the other three are more expensive but awesome so I included them anyway!). Be sure to also check out my gift guide for small and local Seattle area gifts here as well. Here’s the list of the best small budget Amazon gifts for outdoorsy women in 2019! (in order of least expensive to most)

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I only recommend products I use and enjoy myself! Thanks for your support!

  • Camp (and travel) mug ($9.52): This mug is lightweight, insulated, holds 16 oz and is easy to clean. I camp with it, backpack with it and have traveled all over the northwest with it. It doesn’t fit in a car cupholder but it’s awesome for everything else. It’s easy to attach to the outside of a backpack too.
  • Sitpad ($14.95): This is such an amazing piece of gear! You can sit on snow without getting wet or a cold butt (amazing!) and it’s actually pretty great even when there’s not snow…but for snow adventures it’s one of my essentials for sure.
  • Wool BUFF headwear ($18.26): I got this for a gift a few years ago and now I have two! You can use it so many ways (neck warmer, bandana, headband, etc) and it weighs almost nothing. Lots of colors and patterns too! I love this especially around my neck in the winter
  • Smartwool Headband ($22): Another winter essential in my book, this is perfect for when you’re doing something where you work up a sweat but you still want something to keep your ears warm but a hat is too much. This is another item I have two of!
  • Steel insulated waterbottle ($23.95): I also have two of these! Even though I like the camelbak bladder, I prefer these bottles for winter because sometimes the mouthpiece on the camelbak freezes. Also, you can make your water hot (or make it tea or another hot drink) and it will STAY HOT for hours! Similarly, in the summer you can put ice water in it and there will still be ice hours later which is pretty amazing.
  • Theo Holiday Chocolate Bars ($27.95 for 4 pack): You don’t, of course, have to get the holiday ones but they are pretty fun flavors! All of theo chocolate is fair trade, high quality and delicious. A must for any chocolate lover and a trail staple for me during the holiday season (see photo)
  • Lightweight Headlamp ($29.93): This headlamp is awesome. It’s lightweight, the battery lasts a long time and you can make it brighter and dimmer. It also has a red light option which is really important in our family for night photo shoots, as well as anytime you want to see something without wrecking your night vision.
  • Super portable camp chairs ($52.99 for 2): These are a bit more expensive, but you could always keep one for yourself and gift the other, bringing that one down to under $30, ha! I love these chairs because they pack up really small and you can take them anywhere! They are also comfortable and have a cupholder.
  • Kindle Paperwhite ($129.99): This is not a small budget item, but I got this kindle this summer and it’s amazing for outdoor adventures. It’s light and it has a light (which isn’t bright like a phone screen) which is helpful when you’re camping and backpacking because you can read without having your headlamp on, so it’s not around your head and making lots of light for other people. It’s also waterproof, which is great for the outdoors! I was already a big believer in the kindle for outdoor adventures and traveling, but getting this particular model is totally worth it.
  • Waterproof point and shoot camera ($297.99): Well obviously this is NOT a small budget item, but it’s such an awesome item I always want to include it. This camera is amazing. It’s small and waterproof and takes incredible photos. I know that smartphones take great photos, and I take a lot of photos with my phone, but this camera is better in low light and for close up shots or zooming in. $300 is a lot of money but it’s also 1/5 of what a new iphone pro 11 costs, so when you think about it that way it sounds affordable! It’s definitely a smaller investment than a digital SLR camera and this is my go to!
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