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2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Women

Looking for the perfect thoughtful gift for that outdoorsy, adventurous woman in your life? Look no more! This gift guide for outdoorsy women includes fun gifts for all budgets includes gifts you can buy on Amazon or at REI as well as a couple of other online retailers. It’s organized by budget and includes why it makes a wonderful gift. This gift guide for outdoorsy women is focused on gifts for women, but many of these also make awesome gifts for men! If you’re looking for gifts from small business entrepreneurs in Alaska and Washington, check out my list of those gifts here.

This year, many people are looking at spending more time than they ever have before outside during the winter as we continue to live in a global pandemic. These gifts will elevate the comfort and coziness in those outdoor times.

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Gifts for Outdoorsy Women – Under $50

A stainless steel food container being held up in front of a waterfall
The joys of small budget pieces of gear include hot food on the trail

Some of the small budget pieces of gear are the things that make the biggest difference in comfort on a hike, camping or just hanging out in my backyard or going for a walk with a friend in the winter. There’s nothing like the perfect coffee mug or insulating pad to sit on to elevate a winter day! These are less expensive items that I cherish myself.

  • Perfect Travel Mug: I have spent literally YEARS trying to find a coffee mug that is durable, insulating, doesn’t leak, fits in my car’s cup holder, has something to hook it on and is easy to clean. The Hydro Flask coffee flask is IT! It even comes in bright yellow which is perfect for our gray winters. I was skeptical, because for a mug it’s expensive, but it’s completely worth it. Get it here from REI and here from Amazon
  • Kula Cloth: A pee cloth for anyone who squats to pee! If you’re thinking “who needs that” trust me…this is an absolute necessity for all women who ever spend time away from a toilet. I keep it in my pack at all times. It’s a great gift because she might not buy it for herself, but curiosity will compel her to try it and she’ll be hooked! Get one here.
  • Sit pad: This is another item that people don’t think they need but once they have it they never hike without it! It’s especially great if there’s snow on the ground or it’s wet, but anytime it provides a comfortable and insulating seat. You can also use it as a splint in a pinch or to have an injured person sit on to help them stay warm. Comfy AND you can use it as part of your first aid kit! The inflatable kind is comfier and packs smaller and the closed cell pad lasts longer and is less expensive.
  • Buff: You can’t have too many of these! They make the perfect mask for hiking or other outdoor activities because you can keep it around your neck and pull it up to cover your nose and mouth while passing others. It also makes a great neck warmer, perfect for winter! You can’t really have too many of these right now. I got my first one as a gift and now I have three. Get one here on Amazon or here at REI.
  • Socks: Most of my favorite socks have been gifts from my Mom! Warm dry socks are one of life’s greatest pleasures! These indestsructible socks by Darn Tough have a lifetime warranty and are super comfy, soft and warm. If you want to get really extremely warm socks, try these Smartwool mountaineering ones. Over the top? Sure! But it’s a gift! Why not go big.
  • Microspikes: Microspikes are spikes that you attach to your feet for traction on ice. These are really helpful on winter hikes or anywhere it gets icy. You can pick them up here on Amazon and here at REI.
  • Lightweight Lantern: A lantern like this one at REI is perfect for campsites but also for socially distant backyard hangouts!
  • Insulated waterbottle: This waterbottle is fantastic. You can put a hot drink in it and it will stay hot for hours, or you can fill it with cold water and ice in the summer and the ice stays in it all day! It’s amazing when you’re hiking or outside on a hot day.
  • Insulating food jar: Help her bring hot food either out on the trail (I love doing this in winter) or anywhere on a cold day. I recommend a 16 oz one, since it is about the same size as a can of soup and I find it’s just the right amount of food. This thermos brand one has served me well for years! It also comes with a folding spoon that fits in the lid so you can never forget the spoon.

Gifts for Outdoorsy Women – Under $100

Looking down at a pair of yellow boots on a sidewalk
These cute and comfortable boots never fail to brighten my mood and dark winter days
  • Cute and comfy waterproof ankle boots: I absolutely adore these Xtratuf ankle boots by Salmon Sisters! There are several colors and styles and they also have taller rubber boots too. I find these ankle ones absolutely perfect for getting outside during a wet pacific northwest winter!
  • Portable device charger: This portable charging station also has a light (similar to the portable lantern mentioned above)! A bit heavy for backpacking at almost a pound, this is still a fantastic way to have a light in your tent while charging your phone! It’s also great for your backyard.
  • Hammock: Hammocks are a lightweight, go anywhere place to nap. What’s not to love? I recommend a double hammock for extra space. There are unlimited accessories you can also get into if your person already has a hammock. Try the Kammock Roo Double!
  • Kindle Paperwhite: If she doesn’t have a Kindle yet, it’s a fantastic thing for people who love the outdoors! It took me awhile to come around to the Kindle from paper books but now I love it, especially for travel or outdoor activities. It’s light, you can store a lifetime of reading on it and it has a screen that you can read in the dark without being lighted. I love not needing a headlamp to read at night!
  • Dutch Oven: If she’s interested in cooking and especially outdoor cooking, a Dutch Oven makes a wonderful gift! I recently received this one from Barebones as a gift for my birthday and I’ve been having a ton of fun experimenting with cooking in it over an open fire. It’s also beautiful!
  • Camp Chairs: Now that all the social events need to happen outside, camp chairs are a must! Especially in the winter, when sitting on the wet and cold ground is a lot less appealing. I really love this set of two from Amazon. They’re sturdy and pack up small!

Big Ticket Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Women (over $100)

Two snowshoes in the foreground with a snowy landscape in the background. There are snow covered forested hills in the background and a blue sky
Snowshoes are fun and a great way to enjoy winter!
  • Snowshoes: I talk in depth about what to look for in snowshoes in my guide to getting started with snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is a great way to have fun and be playful outside while getting great exercise! Get the MSR ones I’ve used on tours here on Amazon and here at REI and the other style I recommend by Atlas here on Amazon and here at REI.
  • Warm down coat: Who wouldn’t love a super warm coat to stay cozy and comfortable this winter? Everyone would! This super affordable one from REI packs into it’s pocket and is long to keep your bottom warm too!
  • Expensive long underwear: If this seems like a lot of money for long underwear, you’re right! But that’s what makes it a great gift. Super warm and cozy and something that’s hard to buy for yourself! These smartwool tops and bottoms also come in plus sizes.
  • Hammock Ultra light Tent set up: If she’s already into hammock or has showed an interest in it, the all in one ultralight hammock and tent set up from Kammock is pretty fantastic and would be a great gift! Get it here at REI.
  • Garmin InReach Mini GPS and Emergency Locator: If your person likes to spend time in the outdoors alone, this would be the perfect gift! I received one as a gift a couple years ago and it gives me so much piece of mind since I hike alone a lot. There’s a steep learning curve with learning to use it, but once you get there it’s a wonderful way to communicate and be found when there’s no cell phone signal. Note that in addition to the cost of the device, you need a subscription paid monthly to use it. The package I have is $15/month, but there are a variety of options. You also really need a smart phone in order to use it. Get one here on Amazon and here at REI.
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