• Are you overwhelmed with planning your Alaska trip?
  • Do you want to do something different from everyone else, but don't have time to figure it out?
  • Do you want destinations and activities that are fully customized to the dreams and needs of your crew?
  • Do you want to feel confident that you have the perfect itinerary and activities for your crew?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I can help!

"Though we are experienced travelers and trip planners, we were overwhelmed trying to figure out our trip to Alaska. Jennie was so knowledgeable and helpful. Before she made any suggestions, she she talked with us to understand what we were hoping for and what kind of travelers we are. She gave figured out an itinerary that fit us and empowered us to book the trip with confidence. Once we got to Alaska, we discovered that Jennie's suggestions for us were perfect."

-Toni (couples trip)

Hey there, friend!

I know what's like to feel overwhelmed by trip planning, especially in Alaska!

I get it, you want to plan a unique trip that's different from what everyone else is doing, but you don't have time to figure it all out.

But the good news is that I can help!

I lived in Alaska working as a guide for seven years and I visit three to four times a year. I know what's it's like to live and travel in Alaska - all over the state from the Inside Passage to Fairbanks.

My superpower is asking the right questions to understand the perfect itinerary and trip plan for you and your people.

Let me take the stress away by crafting a unique and personal itinerary for you with a list of exactly what to book, when and in what order.


  • Have a trip that's completely unique to you and your people, focusing the time and money on what matters to you
  • Know that an expert has planned every element of your trip, from tours, to activities on your own to where you stay to where to eat the best meals.
  • Not waste a single minute of your life trying to separate good advice from the noise.
  • Have the most amazing adventure in Alaska!

I've got you. Are you ready to get started?


With me as your Alaska travel planner, you will...

  • Have confidence that your itinerary is unique to you and who you are
  • Book everything for your trip quickly and in the most efficient order
  • Have your trip unfold at your ideal pace of activities, and YOUR perfect blend of organized and on your own adventures.
  • Know exactly what to pack
  • Get PUMPED about your Alaska Adventure!


  • A fully customized itinerary for your trip to Alaska, based on how you like to travel and your budget. It will be entirely unique to you, based on what you and your crew want to do
  • Specific lodging recommendations with a back up
  • Personalized food and restaurant recommendations
  • Personalized tour and activity recommendations based on your preferences
  • A complete list of exactly what to book and in what order
  • All recommendations are entirely my own and based on your interests, goals and priorities

"We had a blast! Your recommendations were very helpful, especially about where to stay, the tour we booked and the hikes you recommended."

-Michael - (family trip)


Do you book for me?

No. I will give you a list of exactly what to book, how, when and in what order.

As a travel planner I give you my advice based on your goals, not based on commissions. I do not receive commissions based on what you book.

Do you offer itineraries that are not customized for a lower price? 

Yes! Find them all here.

If you're looking to experience the highlights with my expert advice but don't need customization from me, this is for you!

What if I already started planning?

I can help you no matter where you are in the process! If you've already committed to part of your trip, I'll work that into your custom itinerary.

What if I just have a few questions?

Are you feeling confident about your trip but would love to run a few questions by an expert? I do that too! Book a 30 minute session here.

A person looking excited with confetti and a forest in the background

Hi! I'm Jennie.

I'm a former Alaskan and experienced guide. I spend time in Alaska three to four times a year.

My superpower is helping you make the best decisions FOR YOU and your people by helping you focus on your dream and prioritize.

Let my deep knowledge and love of Alaska make your trip more amazing than you ever imagined!


A photo from inside an ice cave looking out at a sunny and snowy day. Two people are holding hands at the entrance to the cave. Text reads Winter itinerary $397
A glacier with a meadow in the foreground and mountains in the background. Text reads 7 day itinerary $497.
A person on the deck of a ship in a red rainjacket looking at the face of a tidewater glacier. Text reads 10 day itinerary $697
Mountains and a river seen from a high mountain ridge. Text reads 14 day itinerary $897
A person in hiking gear standing on a glacier looking at another glacier in the distance on a cloudy day. Text reads 21 day itinerary $997.



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