• Are you overwhelmed with getting started on planning your Alaska trip?
  • No time or patience to read the entire internet and separate good advice from bad?
  • Do you want to feel confident that you have the perfect itinerary and activities for your crew?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Alaska Adventure Planner and Workbook can help you!

"Craft an itinerary you'll love, photography tips and so much more...I can't speak highly enough about this guide...makes the oft arduous task of travel planning feel really exciting and approachable!"

-Matt - DIY Alaska Travel Planner customer

Hey there, friend! 👋

I know what's like to feel overwhelmed by trip planning, especially in Alaska!

I get it, worrying that you'll miss something or if you're spending your travel budget the best way.

But the good news is...that doesn't have to be you!

I lived in Alaska working as a guide for seven years and still spend several weeks there each summer working as a guide as well as traveling on my own. I know what's it's like to live and travel in Alaska all over the state from the Inside Passage to Fairbanks.

You can have confidence that you're getting the best advice and no nonsense from me!


  • Know the itinerary that is best for YOU and your travel crew
  • Plan your trip within your budget, with no FOMO
  • Go on the best tours for YOU
  • Use the Alaska Adventure Travel Planner and workbook completely online in Google Sheets, or download it if you prefer paper and pen
  • Have the most amazing adventure in Alaska!

The Alaska Adventure Planner and Workbook can help you get there with straight talk insider advice while staying organized. I'll even tell you what order to plan and book everything in.

I've got you. Are you ready to get started?


With the Alaska Adventure Planner and Workbook, you will...

  • Have confidence that your itinerary is the best one for you
  • Plan and book everything for your trip in the most efficient order
  • Be able to share the Itinerary Builder and Cost Calculator online with your travel crew
  • Know exactly what to pack
  • Get PUMPED about your Alaska Adventure!

By using the DIY Alaska Travel Planner, you'll go from overwhelmed to excited and confident...

Two cartoons, each shows a person looking at a map of Alaska. In the first, the person has a thought bubble of emojis representing frustration and confusion. There is an arrow to the second frame with the same person with emojis of excitement in the thought bubble.


Itinerary Builder

  • Shareable Google sheet to customize as you build your itinerary
  • Share with your travel crew
  • Print and fill in by hand if you prefer

Cost Calculator

  • Shareable Google sheet calculator to automatically calculate your costs
  • Change options to see how much it costs or saves
  • Share with your travel crew
  • Print and fill in by hand if you prefer

Guidance for the Planning and Booking Process

  • What order to make decisions in and book
  • How to make decisions that are best for you
  • Specific itinerary suggestions


  • Booking Checklist to keep track of bookings and confrimations
  • Packing list you can customize for your trip



Is there a hard copy of the planner available?

The DIY Alaska Travel Planner is available as a fully editable Google Sheet only. This helps keep the cost affordable and gets it to you immediately after you purchase!

You can absolutely print it if you prefer a hard copy.

What will I get with the planner? 

When you get your hands on the Alaska Adventure Planner, it will walk you step by step through each piece of the planning and booking process.

You will also get the customizable itinerary builder and cost calculator.

Do I need a Google account to use the planner?

Yes. You do need a free Google account to use all the features of the planner in Google Sheets and share it with your travel companions.

BUT, I am happy to send you an Excel version of it instead.

Is the planner editable?

Yes! The planner is designed to be used online while you are researching and making plans. You can edit anything you like and share it with your travel companions to collaborate on planning.

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Hi! I'm Jennie.

I'm a former Alaskan and experienced Alaskan guide.

My superpower is helping you make the best decisions FOR YOU by helping you focus on your dream and prioritize.

Let my deep knowledge and love of Alaska make your trip more amazing than you ever imagined!



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Not sure yet? At least don't leave empty handed! 

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