Your DIY Alaska Trip Planner

Are you planning your dream trip to Alaska but don’t have time to read the whole internet?

No time or patience to separate good advice from nonsense noise?

Want to feel confident that you’ve got the perfect itinerary and activities for your crew within your budget?

Go from overwhelmed and stressed to excited and confident in a snap with the Alaska Trip Planner and Resource Guide from Ordinary Adventures!

The Alaska Trip Planner and Resource Guide:

  • Gets you clear on your time and priorities so you can plan efficiently with no FOMO
  • Step by Step decisions so you book everything in the right order to save time, money and frustration
  • Budget worksheet with formulas so you can try out different scenarios and ideas to see how they impact your budget (and to share with your travel crew) – use online in Google sheets or print and fill in by hand
  • Itinerary builder to keep track of your itinerary plans and share them with your travel crew – use online in Google docs or print and fill in by hand
  • Fillable PDF if you want to complete online, or you can print and complete by hand
  • Resource Guide for all the details you need to finalize your trip

This planner is for those who want to have an amazing experience but don’t have time to research everything. Take advantage of my expertise while building your trip around your goals and how you like to travel. The workbook is not ideal for those who really do enjoy spending lots of time trip planning (I know you’re out there and I see you!), this quiz will help jumpstart you in the right direction instead.

I lived in Alaska for seven years while working as a tour guide and as a manager in the travel industry. I still visit regularly because it’s a place I love and have so many dear friends to visit! I love sharing accurate and useful information about Alaska travel to ensure you have an amazing adventure even if you have no time to plan.

Want more help? I offer one on one zoom calls as well as custom itineraries. These can be especially helpful if you have a hard time making decisions (I seeeeeee you) or if you want to do a very specialized itinerary.