You CAN Embrace Winter, Really!


How winter looks in our August dreams


How it actually looks


Okay, okay, around Seattle often it’s more like this

Did you know Seattle is NOT the city with the most depressing winters in the US? It’s only the SECOND most depressing! What a relief! Seriously though, winter here can be a challenge. Though I personally find spring harder to deal with (because it’s so looooong), as a lifelong resident of Seattle (the only winters I’ve spent elsewhere in my whole life were two in the Netherlands, four in Fairbanks Alaska and one in Juneau Alaska). I’m eager to share how to beat the winter blues! Over the course of the winter, I’ll be highlighting some strategies for making the most of winter, including:

  • Learning microclimates and nearby locations with different weather: How to find sun, or less rain, or snow, or different temperatures
  • Health benefits of getting outside (even in winter!)
  • Getting out on short, dark or rainy days
  • Taking advantage of sun when it’s available
  • Learn something new that gets you outside and can only be done in winter (like nordic or downhill skiing, or snowshoeing)
  • Bringing special hot food and drinks!
  • Warm up parties after outings
  • Wearing the right clothes and other helpful gear
  • Resources for safety and weather information
  • And more!
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Jennie Flaming
Jennie Thwing Flaming, Chief Adventure Officer: Jennie's life has been a continual quest for adventure (of the non-adrenalin inducing kind) from birth till now. Professionally, she pursues adventures in teaching, counseling and working to obliterate institutional racism for students in our region's public schools and also works as a tour and hiking guide. Previous professional adventures include working in schools in Seattle and Alaska, leading tours and managing tour guides and traveling science shows and lessons with Pacific Science Center. She is working to earn a living outside and by sharing her beautiful and unique Pacific Northwest home with visitors. She likes to be outdoors and spend time with the people she loves. Jennie is born and raised in Seattle and has also lived in Alaska and the Netherlands.