About Us

Welcome to our world!

Jennie and Jay met in the 90s working in tourism in Alaska, and after 18 years of marriage have kept things lively by not ever both having a “real” job at the same time. Now in our 40s, we are embracing it and continuing to embrace the ordinary adventure of life together. While we work on many joint projects, Jennie is Ordinary Adventures primary author, you can find Jay’s photography and mapping work at https://www.jflamingphoto.com/

Ordinary Adventures is an attitude and a way of being in the world, characterized by curiosity, a sense of adventure and a love of humans and the natural world in all aspects of life. This might look like an epic adventure involving air travel and foreign languages, or an epic hike or bike ride to a place far from city lights and traffic noise. It might also look look like dinner cooked at home made from local and seasonal foods, or whatever was on the discount table at MacPherson’s. It might be a walk around a city park or a detour on a bike commute. We celebrate these ordinary and every day adventures and encourage you to do the same. We believe the outdoors and adventure in general are for EVERYONE. By everyone we mean people of all ages, all races, all nationalities, all genders and those who are gender non conforming, all sizes, all ability levels and all beliefs.

Jennie is a fourth generation Seattleite, who also lived in Alaska for seven years before returning home to Seattle. Jay grew up in Yellowstone National Park and lived for many years in Alaska before migrating to Seattle.

Join us! We look forward to adventuring with you!