How to Plan a Trip to Alaska

Welcome! Are you dreaming of Alaska? Let’s make that dream come true!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let me help! I have worked in the Alaska travel industry since the late 90s, lived in Alaska and spend several weeks in Alaska each year, both on my own and working as a tour director.

Here are the ways I can help you make it happen without missing out on anything important, blowing your budget or sinking months of your life reading the whole internet:

Planning Your Alaska Trip – Step 1

Start by deciding whether you’re going to take a cruise, cruisetour or other organized tour or if you want to plan your trip on your own. Here’s all my advice about figuring that out.

Planning Your Alaska Trip – Step 2

Next, you’ll sketch out your itinerary! You’ll find my advice about cruise itineraries here and my suggested itineraries to plan on your own here.

Planning Your Alaska Trip – Step 3

Determining where you will stay in Alaska is the next step. Lodging is the most limited resource and for most people the biggest budget item, so you want to figure this out first. Cruises, RV rentals, hotels and vacation rentals are all good options in Alaska, depending on your travel group, how long you’re staying and how you like to travel.

Planning Your Alaska Trip – Step 4

Now you’re ready to book everything else, including your transportation in Alaska, flights to and from Alaska and any tours or activities that need to be booked in advance.

Planning your Alaska Trip – Step 5

Travel insurance is not the most exciting subject, but it’s an important consideration when traveling to Alaska.

I always have travel insurance when I go to Alaska if I’m booking anything non refundable (remote lodges, small plane flights, etc). I like to use Insure My Trip because you can compare prices from different travel insurance companies and search based on the features you need in your plan (instead of what a single company offers).

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