Exploring Western Canada

Ordinary Adventures is all about loving your place and loving the places you visit and having the most local experience possible as a traveler.

I’ve lived within 100 miles of British Columbia most of my life, and the few years I didn’t (in Fairbanks, Alaska), I took many road trips on the Alaska Highway which is mostly driving through British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. On top of that, my Mom’s family is from Victoria, BC so I’ve spent a lot of time in Western Canada for an American!

Follow along and explore the vibrant cities, the mountains, the coast and the remote interior of British Columbia and the Yukon. There’s even a guest post here written by my husband who worked on a ship in the far northern Northwest Territories as an archaeologist one summer!

The border between the US and Canada remains closed during the pandemic. Americans cannot travel to Canada for recreation or tourism or any other non essential reason a this time. Many Canadian Provinces have additional restrictions on movement within and between provinces and territories. This note will be updated as conditions evolve (May 2021)

Here are a few articles to get you started with exploring Western Canada.

Need ideas for getting outside while social distancing?