Green Bean Recipes that Aren’t Boring

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A person's hand is holding a bunch of fresh green beans against an orange background
Green beans are my favorite Washington vegetable!

Green Beans! They are not the most famous vegetable grown in Washington (hello corn, pumpkins, squash and everything else) but they are my favorite vegetable! When I was growing up both of my grandfathers had large gardens (one in Seattle, the other on the Kitsap Penninsula) and both of them grew a ton of green beans. I loved helping pick them and the way the plants climb the wooden stakes. I probably ate about as many as I picked, just straight off the vine. In August and September, when they’re at their peak, they are the best vegetable you can imagine. Unless you count asparagus, which is also incredible as a raw snack (if it’s fresh!). I know a lot of people who associate green beans with cans, or with green bean casserole, but I am here to tell you that this incredible local vegetable can be the star of the show, not just a sad forgotten vegetable! Lots of people grow them in their home gardens around here, you can also find them at Carpinto Bros in Kent (by the box!) and all the farmers markets. In this post I’m going to share a round up of green bean recipes and other ways to enjoy them! Are you ready? You’ll never look at green beans the same way again!

Just eat them like carrot sticks

This is not a recipe, but it’s an awesome way to mix it up and get more veggies! They have to be fresh and in season (August, September) or it’s no fun. But there’s nothing easier than this!

Pickle them

I have a tradition of hosting a dilly bean pickle making party every year, and once you’ve started on these pickles it’s hard to go back to cucumbers. Seriously! It started with me making a few jars and now friends are like “make more!” and I say “ok but you have to help me!” and this is how the annual dilly bean party began. Now it’s all about negotiating how many boxes we make (!)

A favorite green bean recipe is dilly beans, several jars of pickled green beans with silver lids sit on a green towel
Dilly beans complete!

Flavor them up

This green bean recipe calls for frozen green beans, but never fear, fresh ones are EVEN BETTER in this. A delightful mix of flavors makes this easy and colorful dish the perfect side.


Friends, adding butter is never a bad idea! This browned butter and herby recipe is fancy and easy. THE BEST.

Make Spaghetti

Who knew that green bean spaghetti is a thing in southern Italy? It totally is! With tomatoes and cheese you’ve got the italian cooking colors on lockdown. YUM.

Curry them

Yep. DO IT. I’m allergic to coconut milk, so sadly this is one I can’t enjoy personally, but this is for all the curry lovers out there (and it has lentils so it’s a full meal in a bowl)!

Roast them

The season of roasted vegetables is just around the corner and I AM READY. Get a head start with these garlicky, roasted green beans.

Make them creamy

Oh yes! Do it. A fancy and fast side dish….mmmm!

However you do it, don’t miss out on this late summer deliciousness with these incredible green bean recipes!

A person's hand is holding a bunch of fresh green beans against an orange background. Text reads: green bean recipes that aren't boring
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