Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs: Relaxation in Whitehorse

There’s really nothing like a hot springs visit for true relaxation and if you’re on a long road trip a soak is the perfect way to spend a day or an evening. Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs near Whitehorse is an ideal stop just off the Alaska Highway or on a road trip around the Yukon.

I recently visiting the new Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs during a road trip around the Yukon Territory and up to the Dempster Highway and I can’t think of a more perfect way to unwind. The last time I was here it was Takhini Hot Springs and now it’s been redeveloped into relaxation central.

Takhini Hot Springs is a natural hot springs that First Nations people have used for centuries. It’s been popular in the Whitehorse area for a long time, despite the new and modern pools and amenities. The natural hot springs water from Takhini Hot Springs feeds the pools of Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs.

Eclipse is an easy drive from Whitehorse and well worth the detour if you are driving the Alaska Highway. There is a wonderful campground next door too.

Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs does not allow phones or photography inside, all photos are theirs, used with permission.

How to get to Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs

Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs is located about 30 km North of Whitehorse, plan on about a 30 minute drive. Head North of Whitehorse on the Klondike Highway and turn left on Takhini Hot Springs Road. The road ends at the hot springs and campground.

Are reservations necessary at Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs?

I did not have a reservation for my early September visit. They do accept reservations and I imagine when it gets busy this is a good idea. I recommend getting a reservation if you know when you’re going to be visiting.

What to expect at Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs

When you arrive, you’ll need to remove your shoes and you’ll watch a short orientation video after you pay and check in. The video explains how the changing rooms and showers work.

I got a little confused while watching it, but once I got going it all made sense. Essentially, you get a basket for your things that you go into the showers with. You shower and get your swimsuit on and then leave the other side of the shower and enter the main part of the facility. There are lockers for you to put your basket with your stuff in.

You will not be allowed to bring your phone into the hot springs, you’ll need to turn it off and put it in your locker. Embrace this! It’s really lovely and relaxing to have no phones around.

There are several different rooms and pools (described in more detail below). When you’re ready to leave there are changing rooms and showers.

They have lots of water stations throughout the facility and a cafe if you’re hungry or thirsty.

Expect a relaxing, peaceful, very clean and well organized experience here.

Professional photo of Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs, showing one of the pools in the foreground surrounded by rocks and a building in the background

What is provided in the Hydrotherapy Experience and what is it like?

Similar to other Nordic spa experiences, they have a variety of pools at different temperatures. I would have appreciated knowing the temperatures on a sign or something, but it didn’t take long to work out the different temperatures and pools by temperature.

You can go in different levels of hot pools and there are a couple of cold plunge pools for the cold part of the cycle.

You can follow the cycle or you can find the pool that feels right to you and stay there for awhile.

There are also several dry and steam saunas, some with fragrance and some not. The relaxation rooms provide a space to relax (or nap) in warmth with different types of lounge chairs in each.

wide tile lounge chairs in a relaxation room with pink lighting.
One of the relaxation rooms (those loungers are heated!)

What additional services are available?

In addition to the hydrotherapy, they also offer yoga in the mornings (I really want to do this next time!) and they have a cafe that serves a variety of snacks and food items. They have lots of healthy options like salads and soups but they also have cake and cookies.

The Hot Rock Cafe also has a variety of beverages, including alcohol, though there is a one drink limit. This makes sense given the setting and the distance to drive back to Whitehorse.

This is also a fantastic place to watch for the Northern Lights if you are visiting in winter. Don’t forget to look up from the pools if it’s dark.

An outdoor pool at Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs, lined with rocks. There are buildings around it and some tables and chairs
One of the outdoor pools. The saunas are inside to the left and the Hot Rock Cafe is in the back right where the tables and chairs are.

Is Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs open all year?

Yes, they are open all year. During the winter they host a hair freezing contest where you can experience the uniquely northern winter phenomenon of being in a hot pool and letting your hair get wet and freeze.

They come around with cameras to get your photo so you can participate even without your phone (remember it’s in your locker).

It was fall during my visit, so not yet cold enough for the hair freezing contest. The hair freezing contest runs from December to March on days that are below -20 celsius (to make sure your hair actually freezes!).

What are the dressing rooms like?

The dressing rooms are a little unusual, but once you figure out how it works (watch the video!) it makes sense.

When you enter, you’ll use the entry showers and get your swimsuit on there. These showers are gender neutral and single stall and there is a wheelchair accessible stall.

When you’re ready to go, you can go into one of the changing rooms to change, or you can take a shower if you like (showers and changing rooms are in different areas, but it makes sense when you’re there).

They also have a great set of well lit mirrors, hair dryers and lotion for getting ready when you’re heading out in the changing rooms separated by gender.

What should I bring to Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs?

Bring a water bottle and your swimsuit. If you have your own towel you can bring it, or you can rent one from them. That’s about all you need!

If it’s winter and you do NOT want your hair to freeze, bring a warm hat to keep your hair under.

Is the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs wheelchair accessible?

Yes, though not all of the pools are wheelchair accessible. There are wheelchair accessible showers and changing rooms and some of the pools are wheelchair accessible by ramp. One of the wheelchair accessible pools is only available in the summer. The relaxation rooms and saunas are also wheelchair accessible.

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